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Making SUBWAY® Great

IPC is an independent SUBWAY® franchisee-owned and operated purchasing cooperative. IPC works with Franchise World Headquarters LLC (FWH) to negotiate the lowest costs for purchased goods and services, while improving quality, enhancing competitiveness and ensuring the best value to SUBWAY® members and their customers. 

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What We Do

IPC's mission is to help SUBWAY® franchisees be more profitable and competitive – today and for the future.

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Sourcing the Globe

IPC was started by North American SUBWAY® franchisees in September 1996, to negotiate contracts for FWH Gold Standard-specified food and packaging items. Since then, IPC has experienced international expansion—enjoying a present-day global presence in Europe (EIPC®), Latin America and the Caribbean (LACIPC®), Australasia (IPCA®), and the Middle East (MEIPC®).